If this is a life threatening or safety issue, please call 911.


Examples of an emergency is heat or A/C is not working in extreme weather, active flooding, roof leaking, fire damage, etc.

Other maintenance issues, please fill out the form below.

Please try these tips to remedy typical Maintenance Issues

If anyone in the household in the past 14 days has had symptoms of Covid-19, been exposed to Covid-19, or been out of the country we will not be able to enter your home.

Due to Covid -19 there is a shortage in supplies. After accessing certain work orders, we may not be able to complete the work orders due to limited parts. We will order the parts needed to complete your work order when the parts are in stock. We will complete the work order when the parts have been delivered to us.

Work Order Charges:

  • Garbage Disposals (broken from things being put in the garbage disposal that does not belong in a garbage disposal)
  • Broken Windows (tenant mishaps or accidents)
  • Not Reporting a Water Leak (tenants neglecting to tell Three16 there is a water leak when it is noticeable)
  • Refrigerator/Freezer (filling a freezer too full making the refrigerator not cool) (noting your refrigerator is not cooling as it used to and turning the cool all the way up, which leads to freezing of the refrigerator/freezer unit)
  • Toilet/Sink/Tub/Drain Clogged (if drain is found to be filled with things that should not be put in them, or not being cleaned out of hair properly)
  • Patio (neglecting to maintain your patio area which would lead us to have to come and trim or cut of any greenery)
  • Light Bulbs (if you can reach the bulb, you will be charged, we will change bulbs that are unreachable)
  • Pets (if maintenance reports an unauthorized pet, you will be charged with an unauthorized pet fee per your lease)
  • If maintenance advises you not to do something (ex. not plugging a certain amount of things into one outlet, and it trips the breaker) and we get a call back due to you not following the maintenance order we have the right to charge you due to neglecting to follow our advisement.
  • If a resident locks themselves out by losing their keys/garage remote stops working/automatic door lock stops working, the resident will be charged a lockout fee. Note: we are not required to respond to lockouts after hours.

Please note Three16 is not required to respond to lock outs. If resident locks themselves out they may call a lock smith. Three16 is required to be notified and a copy of the key must be brought to the office.