Please Try These Tips To Remedy Typical Maintenance Issues

What can I do?

We understand that, on occasion, your residence may need to be serviced by our outstanding Maintenance staff. However, many calls we receive for maintenance are very easily fixed by the resident, preventing costly maintenance trips. Use these tips to try to resolve some of the simple maintenance issues that may arise:

Ways you can help ensure that your home stays in tip-top, working condition…

Invest in a plunger (or two). We receive multiple calls daily for plumbing issues, the majority of which could be resolved by the resident using a plunger. Remember, only toilet paper and human waste should be being flushed in the toilets.

A “hair clog” tool can easily prevent everyday backups in sinks, showers, and tubs. Simply follow the instructions monthly to remove hair and prevent a backup.

Replacing light bulbs is the tenant’s responsibility unless the light fixtures are in a vaulted ceiling.

Check your breakers. If an outlet or appliance isn’t working, check your breaker panel. If you feel comfortable, flip the switch to “OFF” and then back to “ON”. Re-check your outlet/appliance.

If you notice an active water leak, please turn off the water as soon as possible. The water shut off valves are generally located beside or under the water source.

Garbage disposals and/or dishwashers (if applicable) should not be used for grease, bones, metal, glass, fibrous materials, or large amounts of food. Always scrape your dishes before rinsing them off!


A request for repair work is considered notice to the Resident that Maintenance will be entering your residence to inspect or perform service as needed.

It is the resident’s responsibility to inform the Property Manager of possible maintenance issues in a timely manner. Please do not wait until you have a list of maintenance issues.

During regular business hours (8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday), please call 706-863-8182. For true emergencies (see below), please call 706-855-2361.

While we attempt to inform you in advance regarding repairs and maintenance, it is not always possible. If prior notice is not given to you and you are not at your unit when the work is performed, a written notice will be left notifying you of Maintenance’s entry.

If we arrive and we are not permitted to enter the residence, your request will be bumped down the list and completed at a future date.

All of our work orders are prioritized using a rating system: Emergency, High Priority, and Regular Priority.

Fortunately, true emergencies rarely happen. Examples of maintenance emergencies are: lack of heat/AC, an active water leak, all toilets/tubs/sinks are backed up., etc. Emergencies are handled above all other maintenance calls and are addressed as soon as possible.

Examples of High Priority maintenance issues are: major appliance not working, running toilets, breaker issues, all of the smoke alarms are beeping, etc. and are usually handled within 1-2 business days.

Normal Priority calls are the most common. They will usually be handled within 2-3 business days. Examples of Normal Priority items are: changing lightbulbs, single beeping smoke detector, etc.

Please know that we strive to respond to your maintenance needs as rapidly as possible. Sometimes, delays can occur due to a high number of emergency repairs and/or a delay in getting needed parts.