The application fee is $50.  Each additional adult (age 18+) will be an additional $25.



  • We will check your credit, resident history, background, and gross income.
  • In order to process your application, you will need to send in a copy of your 3 most recent pay stubs (and/or LES, tax returns, financial aid, social security, disability, court ordered funds) your social security card, and drivers license.
  • Every adult (age 18+) applying must submit a separate application for approval (including adult children)
  • We require gross income equal to 3 times the amount of rent to begin the process for leasing.
  • We require a Credit Score of 600



  • We will not accept an application from a person who is a registered sex offender or has a drug or violence conviction.
  • We will not accept anyone with any other felony conviction within the last 7 years unless mistaken identity can be proven with documentation.
  • We will not accept anyone with an active bankruptcy within the last 7 years or who have not been discharged.
  • Applications will not be processed or approved for any applicant with a dispossessory filed or eviction served within the last 7 years.
  • We will not accept or process an application if anyone in the home owes a balance to another property management company or landlord.
  • If you have a collection account with any utility company.